Year 2012 Kick Off


First off, please help in welcoming us back from never never land where we lost track of time and every other worry in the world for nearly 3 weeks with my parents in paradise. It couldn’t have possibly been a better or more blessed time and we are now “back in black” as the saying would go, refreshed and ready to go full steam ahead. Wait a minute, we have been in this new routine for nearly 2 weeks now… full steam ahead, and I am still finding that about 6pm I am ready to go full steam ahead ….. to MY BED!!

Each and every one of you who have been a part of our life, ministry, journey, failures and successes throughout the year of 2010 have a card awaiting you that my mom will be kindly delivering or putting in the mail. The cards are all handmade by the children and staff of Infantil Tary Kids Program and inside you will find a personal note from one of the kids (or drawing for those of them too small to write), a group photo of 2010’s class, a family picture and a personal note from us as a family. Alex wrote them all this year, as I did in 2009 and so they are in SPANISH and part of the fun is that you will figure out how to translate them into English before being able to read it. Hint… it’s not hard, many programs have a translate button, so just type it in… and whala! (How do you spell whala?!


Now to the administration parts of my “job”, please receive them graciously as they are my least favourite. The year 2011 has left us and 2012 has joined us. That means my friends that the time has arrived for anyone wanting to renew their commitments to our projects to now do so. If you were unable to donate to any one of these causes last year, but would like to start the year out right by being a part of something outside of yourself and making a world of difference in someone else’s, the following are the options of ministry that we need your donations and help to run;

1. The Bridges of Zarephath Program – we have at least 3 families awaiting a foster family from Canada

2. Infantil Tary Childrens Program – Big expenses hit for this program this time of year, and is the program most in need of funding at this time – Immediate need being $1000-$1500 to buy approx. 30 school uniforms, pairs of shoes and school supplies and backpacks for kids in need – If you want to bite off this chunk of the pie, please respond to this post right away as these purchases are pressing and need to be in by the start of the school year the first week of Feb. Given the case a donation is not received specifically for this project we will be unable to fulfill the vision

3. The Pure Religion Program – Helping the VERY poor in their distress with food provisions and medicine. This program is very well funded at this moment


4. Family living expenses – Jump on board to help us be here in Nicaragua doing this work. As a family we continue to pray for a miracle in regards to $9,000 we will need to complete Molly’s adoption this year and be able to visit Canada as a FAMILY!

Donations can be sent to:
The Shelter
Box 6124
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 4H6

This is our home church in Canada and they are responsible for all the funds that come our way and are very responsible in making sure they get to us and are able to issue you a tax receipt at the end of the year for any substantial amounts given. PLEASE though, make sure the donation is CLEARLY EARMARKED for whatever cause you would like it to go to!!

There are also other ways to transfer the funds i.e. – online transfers etc, that make it easier for some people, and if you prefer this option it is no problem either. Please keep in mind that anything you are able to do is something. Even the smallest amounts of commitment or sponsorship help and can go along way here in a third world country. We bless each and every one who have given over this past year and await only God’s purest gifts of peace, love and joy in your homes and in the homes of those dear to your heart. We love you all lots,

Please be sure to keep up on your browser regularly to see new photos, information and news as I am able to post it.

Chow for now, The Casco Family.


“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this;
To visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep
oneself unspotted from the world”. James 1:27


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  1. Well nell i came to post this up and i see you did it =-] im proud of you, and not because of what your doing in NIC but because you got your post up!! Jking LoL – Praying for you and family.

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