A Testimony – From Derek, World Race, Adventures in Missions.

“As I was walking house to house, doing house visits, I thought to myself how is God making a difference in the lives of this small community called Dario, and then it came to me that it is happening through His workers at Light and Salt Ministries of Nicaragua. Even though the workers are few, the harvest is plenty, and there is great joy coming forth through their ministries here.

Children from all over the world need to be loved; actually, we all need to be loved. Light and Salt Ministries goes the next step in loving the children of their little town. They care so much about them that they are willing to see how the children at their center are doing at home and school as well. One way they do this is by walking to the homes of the children. Most places would ask the parents to come in and have a parent-teacher conference, yet LASM cares so much about the children and their families that they make it easier for the families by going to them. By doing this, they bring hope and peace to the families and the children just like Jesus does. Jesus calls us to go out and love people where they are. Some might think that that is meant to be done figuratively, like where they are spiritually or emotionally. Yet Jesus himself went out and met people physically in person. The center is small and reaches a small percentage of boys in the town; however, they are making huge impacts for The Kingdom. Those 30 plus boys are learning what it means to be a child of God as well as learning how to grow up and be a follower of Christ. These boys are being discipled to make disciples, and they will make impacts on this town that will forever change the lives of others”.

– Derek, World Race Team, Adventures in Missions.