My time here has been absolutely amazing, I have never in my life been around such selfless and compassionate boys. The way the staff at Light and Salt Ministries pours into their children is going to change the next generation in Nicaragua. This place is full of joy, sparkles, and happiness!!! 

Sydney Nunley Age 21April 2019

The people of Light and Salt Ministries are incredibly impactful. Both the leaders who pour into different aspects of ministry and the boys who are a direct example of the fruit that they bear. The relationships here spark an inspiration to be passionate about serving others and to genuinely pour into opportunities to love others. The dedication of the team at Light and Salt has resulted in a new generation that truly loves the Lord their God with all the heart and all their soul and all their mind and all their strength.

Caitlin Casey 29Team STEVE, April 2019

Light & Salt Ministries is such a special place. The Lord has completely blessed it. The work they are doing here is beyond impactful.  It is such an incredible experience to be able to do ministry with all walks of life. While I was here, I was able to speak to their mercy-based program and pray over the elderly and disabled. It was truly a humbling experience. From hanging with the boys, to coming together as a community and sharing the love of Christ, I am extremely grateful I was gifted time here!!

Ris Runnals 22Team Outliers, March 2019

It was a real privilege to be embedded in Light & Salt Ministries for a week, meeting staff and being with Alex, and Tara and Molly.  Seeing the elderly group (12-15) that come each week for a portion of beans, rice and oil and also receiving a portion of the life giving Word as well and then asking them how we could pray for them.  Getting to know the boys, becoming good friends with some of them in such a short time.  Playing soccer with them…. you start with 3 captains choosing 3 teams.  I was the second to last player chosen…. that was funny.  One day in the week is spent going into the homes of the boys, visiting with the family and asking how we can pray for them, and then praying.  I really got to know what the ministry is all about, Tara working with all the staff closely, leading them.  Went to an early morning prayer time (5:00am).  Pastors from the area and quite a few young people as well.  This was held in one of the church buildings in the poorer area, a dirt floor and dimly lit.  Alex and Tara would be delighted to have anyone…. (YOU!) visit them.  You would be blessed and encouraged.

Jim FriesenBoard of Directors, February 2019

This past week I led a seminar at the Light and Salt center for the teachers on self image. A lot of the boys at the center are recovering from malnutrition so as a result they are smaller. The point of this specific seminar was to discuss different ways the teachers could encourage the boys with their self image and point out the ways they are already working on it- playing sports every week and providing healthy meals. But in addition, the Lord led me to speak on something much different and something very pressing on my heart.
I strongly believe that one of biggest wars satan is waging is on the family unit; he’s trying everything he can to divide humanity. This scheme is being executed by removing the head of the family or the spiritual leaders. Men everywhere are leaving wives or girlfriends resulting in single parent families. This is rampant in Nicaragua and is also a part of my testimony. Ten years ago when I was beginning my freshman year of high school, my father left my family causing a deep brokenness in our family unit but also in my life. There’s a certain thing little girls need from their fathers- love, attention and devotion, and when it’s not given, girls will go anywhere to find it. Like the song says, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Obviously I came up dry because I can only obtain this from one place and mend brokenness from the source of life, and that’s Jesus Christ himself. With all this to say, wives need husbands in their lives and girls need their fathers.
The coolest part of this center is their focus on boys in the community, and when I heard this would be our ministry for the month I was really excited. This center is so important in the discipleship they are doing with the boys and teaching of the Word but there is something so important going on at this center that may not be seen by supporters or even the teachers. They are raising up future spiritual leaders and men that will respect women and their daughters.
Men that trust so deeply in the Lord they will flee from satan’s temptations of alcohol, drugs and infidelity. They are molding boys into men who find their identity solely in the Lord and not this world. I personally want my sons brought up the way these boys are being taught; this is a generation of boys growing up to stay with their families and lead them. Light and Salt is doing their part to restore the family unit  and fight the good fight.

Emily Noel RichardsonWorld Race Squad Leader