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  • LASM is changing the next generation

    My time here has been absolutely amazing, I have never in my life been around such selfless and compassionate boys. The way the staff at Light and Salt Ministries pours into their children is going to change the next generation in Nicaragua. This place is full of joy, sparkles, and happiness!!! 

  • The people of Light and Salt Ministries are incredibly impactful

    The people of Light and Salt Ministries are incredibly impactful. Both the leaders who pour into different aspects of ministry and the boys who are a direct example of the fruit that they bear. The relationships here spark an inspiration to be passionate about serving others and to genuinely pour into opportunities to love others. […]

  • A humbling experience

    Light & Salt Ministries is such a special place. The Lord has completely blessed it. The work they are doing here is beyond impactful.  It is such an incredible experience to be able to do ministry with all walks of life. While I was here, I was able to speak to their mercy-based program and pray […]

  • You would be blessed and encouraged

    It was a real privilege to be embedded in Light & Salt Ministries for a week, meeting staff and being with Alex, and Tara and Molly.  Seeing the elderly group (12-15) that come each week for a portion of beans, rice and oil and also receiving a portion of the life giving Word as well […]

  • They Will Grow To Reflect The Father’s Love.

    This past week I led a seminar at the Light and Salt center for the teachers on self image. A lot of the boys at the center are recovering from malnutrition so as a result they are smaller. The point of this specific seminar was to discuss different ways the teachers could encourage the boys […]