You would be blessed and encouraged

It was a real privilege to be embedded in Light & Salt Ministries for a week, meeting staff and being with Alex, and Tara and Molly.  Seeing the elderly group (12-15) that come each week for a portion of beans, rice and oil and also receiving a portion of the life giving Word as well and then asking them how we could pray for them.  Getting to know the boys, becoming good friends with some of them in such a short time.  Playing soccer with them…. you start with 3 captains choosing 3 teams.  I was the second to last player chosen…. that was funny.  One day in the week is spent going into the homes of the boys, visiting with the family and asking how we can pray for them, and then praying.  I really got to know what the ministry is all about, Tara working with all the staff closely, leading them.  Went to an early morning prayer time (5:00am).  Pastors from the area and quite a few young people as well.  This was held in one of the church buildings in the poorer area, a dirt floor and dimly lit.  Alex and Tara would be delighted to have anyone…. (YOU!) visit them.  You would be blessed and encouraged.

Jim FriesenBoard of Directors, February 2019