A Surprise Roofing Project – “The Power of Obedience & Acts of Mercy”

A Surprise Roofing Project – “The Power of Obedience & Acts of Mercy”

The Bible tells us that our right hand ought not know what our left hand is doing, so thankfully that is not the purpose of this story. The purpose is to give glory where it is due – and that is TO GOD!!

Over a year agwebpage roof pic domingao, according to my dim sense of time, a lady named Dominga broke her arm by slipping in the mud in her kitchen after a good night’s rain had run puddles through her home. She was making corn tortillas over a wood fire when it happened. When I saw her in church, arm all bandaged up and in a cast, my heart sank.  My heart sank because I knew this was the last thing she needed. Dominga is notably poor, alone, and certainly did not need one more thing on her plate. After all, who can palm tortillas with a broken arm? How was she supposed to bring in her daily bread? From that moment I knew I had to help her. And the problem at hand was not simply offering a bag of rice or some shoes. It was a roof. But I let it go. I didn’t have the energy to take on yet another project and oversee it, even though I really wanted to. And, each time I saw her, I knew I was in the wrong.

So, about a month ago I was in church and I as headed out the back door after the service something in me, very clearly, told me to march right back in there and tell someone (at first I thought it was the Pastor) that I was willing and available for anything he needed.  But, I ran straight head on into Dominga instead. So, I knew it was time. From there, in good Tara fashion, I hopped on Facebook here and promptly started trying to find donors to carry out the project. And, three of you responded. As always when that happens, I was awed by God and His faithfulness. But when the time came, the three donors were unable to send in, all for different reasons that had presented themselves.

I was at a loss but thankfully began slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This was MY project, it wasn’t my project to find the monies for, or to bridge the gap in, it was MY project. I was to put in the money and find the means to make it happen myself. But, from where??!! A roof is not cheap no matter where you live, and we didn’t have….. wait a minute! Yes, we DID have money set aside. It was money that a donor sent in almost a year ago for a specific family need that we hadn’t ended up using right away and were saving for the moment we needed it. And, it was almost the exact amount I was looking for. So, upon contact and permission from that donor, I went ahead and got the job done.

Sometimes what God asks us to do does not make sense, to the human mind anyway. What if we might need that money down the road some time? We surely will, but our obedience before Him is greater than any sacrifice. And our faith before His eyes is counted to us as righteousness. At LASM -Nicaragua we don’t ask anyone to do what we are not already willing to do ourselves. We give, and you give, and that is how His kingdom grows.

After the project was completed, Dominga shared with me that she prayed for 7 years for a new roof and that in the midst of that God told her to write a letter asking for help. She never wrote it because she cannot read or write. One day as she was in the church, praying alone again, God told her again to write the letter. So she did, with the help of a family member. Now, I never received that letter as she meant it for the mayor’s office, but it appears that God honored her obedience, too.

I am so very pleased with this project.

Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive.


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