Sponsored Spaces – Expansion Update #4

Sponsored Spaces – Expansion Update #4

It’s a good day to write!  God is always good, He is always kind.  Since we last updated you on the expansion project, things have gone up WAY UP!  Pun intended. We have been blessed to have sponsored spaces! Fast forward and the kitchen space is 80% done, together with its corresponding dining area.  The three bathrooms and washing areas are also close to being done, just awaiting the finishing touches and the placement of the doors.  

The stories behind our ‘Sponsor a Space’ program are touching and significant.  They have been key in making this build happen.  The last time you heard, we had no sponsored spaces except one which had been sponsored by the founder of this program, Peggy Hegbar.  Since then, because of more people from Canada who have come forward and one organization, we now have only about half of those spaces left to fund.  Two classrooms and a computer lab are going up as we speak, and as mentioned above, the kitchen, dining room area and even the bathrooms are just a fraction away from being completed.  We have a counselling room that is partially sponsored as well. 

Edu Deo Sponsors 3 Classrooms

EDU DEO, the organization involved here, arrived to begin work on the construction site last month, March 23rd to be exact. Our admin team applied for this grant last year, 2020, after having heard of EDU DEO and their work in Nicaragua some years previously.  Our Executive Director, Tara Germain, kept the organization in her heart, waiting patiently for the right time.  Land had been a requisite of their involvement, and at that time, Light & Salt Ministries did not have it.   EDU DEO receives many, many applications per year, and it can sometimes take up to 8-10 months for the application to be reviewed and/or hear back from them. From there, because of their many projects, it can sometimes take up to two years before a project is started after receiving approval from them.  In LASM’s case, these numbers were blown out of the water and their construction team was on the ground working just six months later to build their sponsored spaces which were 3 classrooms.  

The Backstory of our Edu Deo’s Sponsored Spaces

Because of the long time frames mentioned above, I, Tara had almost let it rain on my parade.  That is to say, I almost didn’t go ahead with submitting the application for LASM as my agreed timeline with the Lord had been much shorter than that, and it was not my intention nor was I prepared to wait such a long time to build.  But, with a serious ‘hunch’, like one of those pressings that are only from the Lord, I went ahead and submitted it.  That was on a Thursday, July 30th.  The application was still missing a number of last minute details and I hadn’t planned on finishing it until the following week, but again, God was pushing me so I went ahead and sent it that same day.  I hit enter on the email and by August 3rd, 4 days later, we heard back from EDU DEO and by August 5th, they were here on the land visiting and taking notes on the project! The most interesting mentionable is that the SAME DAY I sent in the application for LASM, EDU DEO had received an email from a school that was next in line, declining their build! They were unable to continue and our application was immediately processed! 
Miraculously, LASM got bumped to the front of the line and here we are today, nine months later watching God do His thing!

The Beautiful Backstories to Our Sponsored Spaces

Peggy Hegbar Sponsors Tia Peggy’ Classroom

I have been closely involved with LASM for a number of years and knew that building a new facility in Nicaragua was the next Vision. Education and growth have been a life-long commitment of mine. A quote of Mother Teresa’s has been one I have applied to my life: “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great Love.”  I have strived to do small things with great Love. BUT there have been times in my life when I felt God was asking me to step out of my comfort zone and do something that seemed “great big”, asking me to give more than I thought I could give or do something I didn’t think I could do.  It was in times like these that my faith and my belief in who was in control of my world and finances was made perfectly clear!! It was like God dropped the thought into my mind, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful for LASM to have a “Tia (Aunt) Peggy’s” Classroom??’ And I agreed and stepped out in faith and donated $10,000! 

Tyler & Jackie Soule Sponsor the Kitchen

We donated to create the LASM kitchen in honor of Israel and Dorothy (Izzy and Dot) and all their friends and family. Izzy passed away recently, and Dot who at the time of writing is 98, have lived their whole lives as followers of Christ. They have been the heads of our family for many generations and prayed endlessly for all of us by name. They have inspired us all, and we love and honor them through this act.

Lorna Schlosser Partially Sponsors the Warrior Counseling Room

I wanted to celebrate the life of my sons Paul and Joshua by sponsoring this particular room. Hopefully, in this special place, those who were once lost and hurting will be able to help others who are lost and hurting.  My motto for the room is, “Go in like a lamb; come out a warrior, a Lion in the Lord’s army.” I know that nothing is impossible for God. If you go into the warrior room time and time again, God will take you by the hand and heart and lead you to become strong for Him. In loving memory of my sons.

Shane Stirling (Epscan Computer Lab) Sponsors the Computer Lab

We at Epscan feel it is important to support those who are doing good in the world and although we usually choose to support local (FSJ), we are happy to support LASM in Nicaragua as we’ve known Tara Germain since childhood. We also know that when you step out to support others even when you are scared, or funds are tight, it will come back to you tenfold in the future.  Our dad, Don, taught us that when things are bad and the world doesn’t seem right, this is the time to dig in and support each other! 

We have made our mark on the world in Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation, so it makes sense for us to support learning and growth in technology and computer skills. The computer programs and apps that are available today to help people learn are amazing. Put the right tools in the hands of today’s youth and our future on this planet will be bright and full of abundance. We are proud to help the boys in your program learn technological skills.

Sponsored Spaces Still Open

We are so grateful for the sponsored spaces that donors have generously contributed to but we still have spaces open for sponsorship (or partial sponsorship) at Light & Salt Ministries. The sponsored spaces we still need filled are these: three offices, the sewing workshop (life skills training), the leather workshop (life skills training), the sports court, the second floor missions housing and last but not least, a small chapel.  

Contact us today should you wish to become a part of this special legacy!!!