These guys lead the pack!  Their hard work and commitment to Gods plans are selfless, Christ-like, and make the perfect home for the families we serve.  In order to give our beneficiaries the attention they deserve, our staff must be at their best. At LASM, all staff receive monthly training sessions on a wide range of topics. We believe that if we seek quality performance of our students, we ought to first give it to them!


Rios Matamoros

27 Years Old | Classroom Instructor

Anyelo loves his job and feels a calling to work with children and youth.  He feels proud of himself every day as he teaches exuberantly, knowing also that he is learning right along with the students. He loves listening to music, playing baseball and being the life of the party.  We love Anyelo for his kind, humble, servant’s heart.

Reyna Isabel
Rodriguez Gonzalez

42 Years Old | Center Cook

Reyna is a steady hand and the servant of all.  Her quiet and humble spirit is felt by everyone who spends time at Light and Salt Ministries, and she has quite a touching story.  Growing up amidst the Nicaraguan civil war in the 70’s, she lost her father at just 4 years old.  Her mother worked day and night to raise her and her three siblings, and because of her own experiences growing up, she can easily relate to the boys in our formation classes.  Despite enduring many hardships as a child, Reyna can attest to the good, good love of the Father and shares this love with the boys. She loves studying God’s Word.

Izamar Valeska

24 Years Old | Administrator

Valeska is the trustworthy, meek and wise-beyond-her-age young lady who runs our administration office like a top!  She is friendly, loves watching movies, and enjoys spending time with her nephew. She knows that without God nothing would be possible.


Zoila Lorena
Rugama Valle 

30 Years Old | Academic Director

Zoila’s deepest life principle is “God is love” (1 John 4:8). That’s it. That’s what she is all about. That principle is the driving force behind all she is and all she does.  She is not only LASM’s Academic Director, she is also the person responsible for our teachers and students as well as the youth leader at “La Roca” church. She says she loves pouring herself into the young people of the city because she sees them leading the way to change.  Zoila is a self-confessed bookworm and is now working on her masters degree in teaching.  She is also a certified psychologist of seven years.



Marvin Antonio
Zamora Manzanares

33 Years Old | Classroom Instructor
Marvin is a rock solid believer in God and ALL that He has for His children. He is a leader at heart with a big dream of bringing change to those who struggle with drug and alcohol problems and reintegrating them as contributing members to society. Marvin is passionate about family and is a strong leader for his own wife and two small children at home.  “Be strong and courageous,” he says. It is his favorite verse from the Bible and
is what gives him strength every day.   


67 Years Old | Sewing Instructor

Esther's joy is seeing her sewing students’ faces light up when they come to understand the skills and science of sewing. Her hard work has paid off, she says, when they can replicate what they have been shown. Esther is a retired self-employed seamstress who worked making wedding dresses in Italy for many years.  She loves studying the Bible and is currently seeing her dream come true, that of creating a small women’s CO-OP where ladies can be financially successful.


— Years Old | English Professor

Eliezer is the strong silent type and brings a lot of stability to the staff at Light and Salt Ministries.  He is our English professor, recently married, and the son of a long time pastor and missionary.  Eliezer has a very good understanding of what it takes to rework a society and transform people into healthy, present leaders.  He excels in values training and practical, hands-on projects.


39 Years Old | Co-Founder and Executive Director

“Losing my life was the best thing I ever did because in doing so, I found it. It is truly a more blessed thing to live outside of oneself than within oneself.”
Fun Fact: I remember as a youngin’ wishing I could have grown up in the “olden days”. Now, I practically do.
Favorite Pastime: Resting, watching my husband play with our daughter and then listening to my daughter’s belly laugh which inevitably follows.
Job Description: Listen and do just as my Father in Heaven says to; while serving the people of Nicaragua, encouraging people of all race, age the best I can, and doing my utmost to maintain my personal testimony and walk with the One and Only Almighty God.