Our Team

These guys lead the pack!  Their hard work and commitment to Gods plans are selfless, Christ-like, and make the perfect home for the families we serve.  In order to give our beneficiaries the attention they deserve, our staff must be at their best. At LASM, all staff receive monthly training sessions on a wide range of topics. We believe that if we seek quality performance of our students, we ought to first give it to them!


Rios Matamoros

27 Years Old | Classroom Instructor

“I love my job and feel that working with children and youth is exactly what the Lord has called me to do. I feel proud of myself for teaching the boys the Word of God because not only am I teaching them, but I am learning right alongside them.”
Aspirations: To see our boys ‘know’ the person of Jesus more each day and be used as key people in the Kingdom of God.
Favorite Pastime: Listening to music and playing baseball.

Reyna Isabel
Rodriguez Gonzalez

42 Years Old | Center Cook

Reyna grew up amidst the Nicaraguan civil war in the 70’s and as a result of that lost her father at four years of age. Reyna’s mother worked day and night to raise her and her three siblings and makes it all too easy for her to relate to the boys we serve in our center. Despite enduring hardships as a child, today Reyna is a hardworking mother of five and has the best Father of all time in her life, Jesus Christ.
Likes: To help people who need the love of God.
Favorite Pastime: Studying the Bible in her house group.

Izamar Valeska

24 Years Old | Administrator

“Valeska is 24 years-old and settles for nothing less than excellence!  She is friendly and honest, and the perfect addition to our team. Valeska is a Christian woman who considers God as her everything for she knows that without Him nothing would be possible.  In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, spend time with family, and is a Sunday school teacher at the local church, Eben-ezer.”


Zoila Lorena
Rugama Valle 

30 Years Old | Academic Director

Zoila is 30 years old, she has an 8 year-old daughter whom she loves a lot. Her favorite Bible verse is “God is Love” 1 John 4:8, she considers that her life is based on this verse, she believes that through prayer you can reach all your purposes under God’s plan.  She has a degree in Psychology. She is a Youth Leader at “La Roca” Church in Ciudad Dario. She likes to work with youth because she believes young people are leading a change in their City. She confesses herself a reading lover. 



Marvin Antonio
Zamora Manzanares

33 Years Old | Classroom Instructor

Marvin Zamora Manzanares is married with 2 children. His dream is to help bring a change to the young people of our city who have drug and alcohol problems so he wants to have a rehabilitation center to help young people to integrate into society. He works in “La Roca” Church as the Youth Group Leader. His favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1: 9 “Be strong and courageous”, this verse is his strength every single day. 


67 Years Old | Sewing Instructor

“My favorite part about working as the sewing instructor is seeing the students faces when they actually understand the next sewing step. They are able to replicate what I have just demonstrated.”
Aspirations: To see the sewing classes/center develop into a workshop where the women can sustain their work at the workshop.
Favorite Pastime: Studying the Bible and sewing!


Tara Germain

39 Years Old | Co-Founder and Executive Director

“Losing my life was the best thing I ever did because in doing so, I found it. It is truly a more blessed thing to live outside of oneself than within oneself.”
Fun Fact: I remember as a youngin’ wishing I could have grown up in the “olden days”. Now, I practically do.
Favorite Pastime: Resting, watching my husband play with our daughter and then listening to my daughter’s belly laugh which inevitably follows.
Job Description: Listen and do just as my Father in Heaven says to; while serving the people of Nicaragua, encouraging people of all race, age the best I can, and doing my utmost to maintain my personal testimony and walk with the One and Only Almighty God.