Our Founders

Alex Casco & Tara Germain

LASM Founders

Welcome to the heart and soul of all things Light & Salt.  Behind the foundations of this grass roots charity is a family that was brought together by God.  He put our passion into action and He is the only one worthy of the glory and the honor.

When asked what brought me to missions and how LASM was started, I fumble for words, mostly in wonder of the greatness of God and how He takes tragedy and turns it into triumph.  At the age of 29, when I had tried everything in life and was still missing my niche, I sold my life’s belongings in an attempt to find it. I ended up on a dirt runway in the most remote part of Honduras where, indeed, I found the beginning of the “rest of my life”.  The most beautiful brown-skinned, brown-eyed, barefoot children greeted me with just a cardboard sign in their hands that read “Tara Germain”.  I followed them back from the prop plane in which I had just landed to an orphanage that I thought we would never reach, thirstier than I had ever been in my life.  All the classroom teaching about Christian foundations I had received in years past could not beat THIS!

Six months later Jose Alejandro Casco became my husband.  I had met this handsome man in the marketplace where I bought the rice and beans for the children of the orphanage each morning.   Interestingly, he found himself in that same remote village because of a series of curve balls that life had thrown at him, a place he had dreamed many times before.  Four months later we were given our baby girl (Molly) who had been taken in to the children’s home in which we volunteered. And thus our journey began.

Alejandro now dedicates his time to construction work while I carry on at the ministry.  Our little family lives in a small mountain town of Northern Nicaragua named Ciudad Dario, in the province of Matagalpa. 

There is not one part of this journey that either one of us would change, and we believe wholeheartedly that God’s plans for us are good, and not bad; plans to give us a hope and a future, always.

In His Service and By His Grace, ~Tara