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  1. Well nell i came to post this up and i see you did it =-] im proud of you, and not because of what your doing in NIC but because you got your post up!! Jking LoL – Praying for you and family.

  2. Congratulation Tara and Alex you guys are doing a beautiful job
    Alex podemos comunicarnos quisiera preguntarte algo ok?

  3. Great job, Alex and Tara! I think them kids are blessed beyond words and bless you for following the heart of the Lord himself! You will have a smooth running program this year! Live and learn. I believe you have done both of those! God Bless!

  4. Cool Nell and Alex, that looks like alot of fun for the kids and teaching like that will make the most impact!

  5. Same thing in the Dominican Republic, it was so weird coming from Canada where apples rot on the ground.


  6. Congratulation Alex and tara you guys are doing an Amazing job. I hope God bess you for all the good things you had have been through.

  7. I know how overwhelming it can be – who to help – when doing what you guys are doing in a 3rd world country.
    What plans do you have for helping her?