Ms. Candy

Here in the Pure Religion Program we are extending a very warm welcome to our newest beneficiary Ms. Candy. Ms. Candy is a widow of 15 years. She has a son, but he has completely abandoned her and she has absolutely no other living family. So she lives alone in her little hut with the pigs she raises for a living (as seen above and below in her photos).

She has a humble mud floor in her home, a small bundle of kindling in the corner for making fires to cook on, a big smile on her cute little face and a strange but lovely little ball of firey attitude about her. Candy seems content and determined to survive with the love and care of only her neighbors who look out for her when she is sick, but we are excited to also extend our hand to her.

We love you already, Ms. Candy and we know you will feel good here with us learning about how much God loves you and and taking home your rice and bean provisions weekly 🙂


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  1. I know how overwhelming it can be – who to help – when doing what you guys are doing in a 3rd world country.
    What plans do you have for helping her?

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