Mercy In Action


Light and Salt Ministries reaches out to the elderly, widowed, disabled, abandoned and/or at-risk people of our city with weekly food packs (raw rice, beans, and oil). Our beneficiaries also receive weekly Bible studies, psychological attention, and group sessions. We do yearly building and/or repair projects in accordance with the funds donated, as well as offer poverty relief, and occasional medical aid. We are preaching the gospel and helping the poor, because one without the other is not complete.

The Mercy in Action Program is a Christian based “help in time of need” way of disciplining nations. The scriptures tell us in the book of Matthew 25:31-46 that the Son of Man will judge the nations as a Shepherd divides the sheep from the goats. The latter of which will give account as to why they did not give drink to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothes to the naked or take in the stranger. The former will rejoice in the gift that is everlasting life because of what Jesus tells us, “Assuredly I say to you, inasmuch as you did to one of the least of these, you did it to Me”.


This program is largely sponsored by Canadian families who have taken this calling to heart and partnered with us in anything and everything from mini-projects to massive projects; helping families with their physical needs such as clothing, shelter, food, water, and medicine.


Because helping the poor is not sufficient in gaining ones salvation (lest anyone should boast), nor is it more important than the spiritual health of the human population, all of the recipients in this program are also involved in a weekly teaching here in our center to receive encouragement and guidance from the word of God (The Bible), and prayer for their specific situations.

If you would like to be a part of the Mercy in Action Program please contact us. Weekly food provisions are given out to families in need, there are water projects to be a part of, roofs that need to be put on, outhouses to be dug, medicine needed for the elderly houses that need building, toilets that need to be installed, etc.


Our Building Project

A single mom living in a plastic/cardboard/sheet metal home, those blankets are the walls. Tie rods, gravel, sand, concrete blocks were used to construct a block wall. She can now sleep sound knowing the rains won’t be washing through her home and will no long be falling on her children as they sleep.


Rewarding Parents

Our goal is not only to disciple, train, and empower the boys, but also to disciple, train, and to empower their parents. We empowered parents by creating a rewards program. As the parents begin to invest more into their kids’ lives by helping with homework and coming to the center for seminars, they are rewarded with rice, beans, and oil once a month.
This is an incredibly important part of our program as a whole and often one of the “details” forgotten by many of the centers out there who are working hard to make a difference in entire communities. Our boys can only live what they have been taught. Our center brings in guest speakers once a month to work with our parents, covering themes from family planning, to building healthy families (parent/child bond), to proper hygiene and childcare, to money managing, savings and many more.


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