Mercy in Action Program: COVID-19 Food Deliveries

With our bi-weekly food distributions to the homes of the elderly and persons with disabilities, we’re continuing on quite nicely with the COVID-19 dance at Light & Salt Ministries! 

María is one of our beneficiaries.  She is 67 years old and we all love her because despite her hardships, she is a such happy person and a great joy to be around. Maria is constantly thanking God and the donors for the opportunity they have given her in receiving these weekly provisions.  She always reaches her hands way up into the air and proclaims, “God bless you and guard you and give you more!!”. Haha! Maria is unable to work because of medical reasons, so you can imagine how much this daily bread means to her.  
 Among our other beneficiaries is 35 year old Marjorie.  She is the mother of 2 children, of which her eldest Ruddy, is disabled. Marjorie is a kind, respectful, and very helpful person, and we consider that she does a wonderful job fighting for her son in a culture that is still learning about persons with special needs and their God-given value.  All of our beneficiaries are fighters in life, and it’s such an honor to be a small part of their journeys.  COVID-19, and we are still getting people what they need! May the Lord keep these ones from harm.