Hospital Visits and Beauty – Field Report 2016

Hospital Visits and Beauty – Field Report 2016

To My People,  It’s so nice when a person has “people”!

 Katarin1-loresI figured I’d sit down and write a little this morning.  To you.  I have been neglectful in writing the nice letters I used to send out keeping everybody up to speed on our little corner of the world. 

On the missions front, we continue to let God use our family to grow His kingdom here in Nicaragua.  I am always in awe as I watch how good He is.  It’s not about us or our flawed giftings.  It has to do with GOD and His character: He is powerful and good.  It’s not hard to find powerful people or people who desire power, for that matter, but good and power together – only God.

Ok, so enough of my philosophies and small thoughts.  

Here in Nicaragua we just said goodbye to an Adventures in Missions Team who were here for 25 days.  THEY BLEW OUR SOCKS OFF!  I haven’t been ministered too, personally, by the testimony of someone’s dedication to service in a very long time. But this was like God sent them as a direct answer to prayer to come and minister to me in a time of need.  This is the second time this year He has done that.  It is clear that He knows what we need, and loves us deeply.

Katarin-lores  Katarin3-lores

One of the most precious moments I have experienced of late is in reference to the photos above. It was a day-trip we took to a nearby community with the RACE team and our boys from the center.  We went to hand out clothes and food which, try as we might, would NOT RUN OUT.  The entire village of about 150 people ate 2, some even 3 bowls each of the rice dish we brought that day, and to make it run out we had to finally start sending leftovers home with people.  In our minds, we had prepared enough food to feed about 50 kids.  

There, I met Katarin.  She escaped death by house fire when she was just an infant, but lost her mom.  Katarin lives with her grandma and receives free burn treatment and surgeries at a private, state-of-the-art hospital in Managua that has a burn center for children.  Katarin and her grandma had come to the center looking for me the day before, but I was in Managua.  The very next day God led us to her.  

Seeing the beauty of Katarin that day refreshed my heart.  She is SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL.  Katarins feet look the same as her hands, but she assured us that she would soon have fingers and toes, that is the next surgery that awaits her. Later that same week, we had an unexpected donation of $1000 come in for Katarin.  It will be used to assist her family in transportation expenses to and from medical appointments, surgeries, and medication and burn creams she still uses. (see photos).  

IMG_0331-lores   IMG_0329-lores    IMG_0328-lores

Now, for a moment that marked the heart of Alex this past month. We took a trip to the hospital in Managua to see a former student, Johnston,16 years old, who just lost half his leg to cancer.  They amputated it in a hospital that left us breathless upon arrival. The filth, even outside the building, was enough to leave us disoriented and feeling sick to our stomachs. As we walked inside, having to dodge a very nasty door-keeper, who at first was going to have nothing to do with our act of kindness, the lack of cleanliness was still overwhelming. Alex immediately began weeping over Johnston who demonstrated such courage and determination. They cut his leg on a Wednesday morning and he was discharged that same Friday afternoon due to risk of infection should he stay admitted.  

Many of you, if not all of you, know what we do here at the center and how we serve the community with all our hearts.  Right now Light & Salt Ministries is at an all time low for donations.  We need new and/or renewed monthly contributions to come in.

We are so much more than a boys’ school.  We are dedicated to mercy ministries, vocational training, and the general discipleship of Nicaraguans of all ages.  If you are someone who can step into the place where so many of our long-term donors have been for years and years, please do so. The economy has changed for many and some are now unable to give as before.  Or, if you are one who simply forgot to renew your giving at the turn of the year but have intentions of continuing your support to LASM, please do so. WAYS TO GIVE:1.  Visit our website: to sign up for scheduled giving or a one time gift, OR make an etransfer to lasmnicaragua@gmail.com2.  Stop in at Dunvegan Gardens in Fort St. John for their annual corn roast on August 27th and take part in the LASM fundraiser that will be set up.  Eat a burger, say hi, and pick up a pamphlet.

3.  Volunteer to host a fundraiser on behalf of LASM or talk to your small group, youth group, church or community about us.  We will provide the material needed (photos, testimonies, videos etc.)

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“When you step into Salt and Light Ministries, the first things you will notice is joy and love. The rooms are filled with the laughter of the young boys who will one day be the future of the nation of Nicaragua. They all come from different backgrounds. Some of them have loving families, but most of them come from conditions we can’t fathom. Regardless of their home life, they know they are safe at LASM-Nicaragua. They know they are loved. The staff here love the boys so well. They are constantly pouring out, selflessly and it reflects in how the boys love one another. This ministry is shaping these boys lives, which one day will shape this community and this country”, 

Julia Stills – Adventures in Missions