God is Never Late

God is Never Late

God knows when we need something. He knows what it is we need. He has us in His sights. He has it all orchestrated. He is faithful. He is huge is His goodness, in His kindness. He is Rock solid. He is my helper in times of need. There is not one thing He does not know about me. And He’s got my back.

This week, Light & Salt Ministries received our second ever short-term missions team. They have come to serve, I can see it in everything they do. They love Jesus and the purity of what I see in them is ministering to me and is refreshing my soul. This season of my life has been incredible, both good and bad. I have experienced moments where my soul was grieving and my eyes could see no way out of what I felt I was surrounded with. But, there have been moments where the peace of God has lifted me up over it. I prayed to God for help, and He sent me this group of 8 people, and I feel connected with each one.

Being far from home and all I have known (my people and familiar living) is not easy. Some moments (and years) are easier than others, but sometimes they are overwhelming and filled with anxiety. What I have chosen to do with my life does not allow me the luxury of making things about myself. I don’t get to sit and go under in my own wave of loneliness or sense of loss. But, sometimes I want to, and this year I have even indulged myself in what I am not allowed.

God’s character is what makes me breathe. It is what gives my soul hope and peace and reminds me He is good because He never changes. I was losing sight that God is good. That happens when things become too much. Would I have imagined I could have reached this point seven years ago when I first left Canada? Nope. My strength and faith were unmoveable. This year has been different — until He began to send people.

This is not the first visit we received this year. Before this team, Alex and I received a personal visit from a family (and friend) and that began to help push away those boulders I had begun putting in front of and around my heart, kind of like the one they used to seal off Jesus’ grave. He did that by showing His kindness and goodness in & through them, what they said, what they did. You see, sometimes we talk, but in the end, when we see Jesus’ hands and feet in person, near us, serving us, it makes things different. In times of need, it makes things real and not just words. God knew I needed that right now. I believe that is why the Bible says whoever is the greatest in the kingdom of God is he who serves, and serving is a verb, an action word.

And now, a group of 8 people who are here to love on us. And serve at LASM. God is never late. This time it was God sending people to serve and love on me, not me orchestrating and organizing how to serve and love on others. He is never late. He loves me. And, that’s my message this morning, to anyone who needs it. Be on the look out for people who are usually givers, but need to receive. We all have our moments and those who have eyes to see are truly the ones who have a heart to serve. Otherwise, it’s all just words.

World Race team, thanks for being here. God Almighty, thank you for Your perfect schedule and never showing up late. I love You, and you know I do!

“My face is still showing tired, but my heart is showing happy” ~ Tara