Expansion Update 3

Expansion Update 3

When something has been born in the heart of God and before the creation of time, there’s no stopping it here on earth. 

So, without further ado, here is update #3 of the current construction of the Light & Salt Ministries Site.

On January 23rd, Light & Salt Ministries signed with the local building contractor.  On February 3rd, we broke ground and began land prep.  On May 2nd, the first 1,000 cinder blocks were unloaded.  By May 4th, the first line of blocks for the rear wall were laid, and by May 7th that entire rear wall was about half way assembled.

There are two specific things I would like to mention about where we are today.

One, we could have never done this without you. 

Two, we are grateful to those who have put their hand to the plow with us on this project.  Our success is your success.  To the expansion committee, fundraising committee, the board of trustees, those who have donated, those who have prayed, and those who have helped moved HUGE, LIFE SIZED boulders from the field during land prep, THANK YOU!

Update Special!  Peggy Hegbar is our first official benefactor to fund a specific space in the future Light & Salt Ministries Site!  With this, the opportunity is open to anyone else who would like to leave their legacy, or that of a family member, in Nicaragua by sponsoring an area!  Peggy funded a classroom, and therefore chose the name that will go overhead, “Tia Peggys Classroom”.  We still have two more classrooms to fund, a computer lab, a kitchen, three offices, a psychology room, a Chapel, a dining room, and two life skills workshops.  If any of those call upon your heart, please make sure to contact us today!

My Heart Attitude Update!

There is a boy here, Luis.  I’ve seen him hanging around in the street aimlessly for nearly 3 years, since we moved into our home actually, which is directly across from the building site.  He’s never seemed to have much of a plan, nor anything to say, and I’ve always had my sights on him as a kid who I needed to ‘beware of’, someone not really to be trusted.  To be honest, I would often look at him with a slight glare. 

Well, my heart attitude has changed as it usually does when God gets a hold of me.  For the past 3 weeks Luis has been showing up to look upon ‘from afar’, as the contractor and his helper have laboured.  To God’s glory, he has now worked himself onto the day team!  It was a slow but sure process and it turns out he is a great kid.  Like most boys his age in Nicaragua, Luis receives very little guidance or care from his parents, and that’s why he was always just ‘hanging around’ without much to do.  Well, now he’s learning a bit of construction and has a smile on his face.  He shows up at 7am ready to start the day, and I know he’s in the perfect place at the perfect time, under our wings for training.  Luis is too old to join our regular formation classes, but this situation is perfect.  No one planned it; no one saw it coming; but again, that’s just how the Father works.

The numbers update is as such:

As of late last year, 2019, we met our full goal for Phase 1 of $48,000! Now, this spring, 2020, we are officially $12,175.23 into Phase 2. 

With all of this happening as it is, we invite you to please feel free to jump on this train at any time. It may be true that we are still a long way from the destination, but we are gathering momentum quickly and making good headway down the track.  What started as a dream is quickly becoming a reality!