Slave in Christ But Free


Regards to all those who have been freed by the power of the precious blood of Christ, I say to all of you who are fighting the battle of faith that you are not alone.  We have been bought by the great love of Jesus Christ and although that means we are slaves, we are free.  1 Corinthians 7:23 tells us that we were bought with a price, do not make slaves of men.  This reminded me of the impact of testimony one of my brother in the faith shared with me recently.

This brother was sold by his mother when he was just 3 months of age from the breast of his mother to go to another country.  The person who bought him treated him ruthlessly, as a slave, and took advantage of the economic activity.  He recalls that when he awoke she threw a bucket of water over him even as he was still 6 years of age.  He told me with much pain that when he was a man he had to change his name to forget some of the past he had lived.  Do you know what he is called now?  He is called Cayro which means “all the time with God”, and now is a pastor with much spiritual blessing and is being used by God in all His might.

He was purchased by Christ to be freed from his oppressors and the devil and is now used by Christ as a honorable vase.  My brethren,  I say that unfortunately many of us have neglected our spiritual vision and have become slaves to the ways of the world and I want to remind you that the world will soon pass and all its desire, but God’s will last forever.  If we are slaves to the world continue to look to the great supernatural power of Christ and see how happy you will be under the protective hand of our great master Jesus Christ.  God bless you and keep you for forever, amen.


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  1. Congratulation Alex and tara you guys are doing an Amazing job. I hope God bess you for all the good things you had have been through.

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