Did you Know that a Little Goes a LONG way?

Jeysson, 13 years old, son of Isidora and Jose, is learning that a little bit of effort goes a long way.  While studying in 4th grade, despite being old enough to be in 9th, he is working hard to break the cycle of illiteracy in his home.  When poverty is a mentality, like so many times seen here in Nicaragua, it is a great feat to see a child taking matters into his own hands.   Here at our center Jeysson took the honor of being the first ever student to use our Industrial leather sewing machine last week -this because he has shown discipline and determination in the theoretical trimester of shoe making classes and has successfully learned to sharpen his knife and cut the hides (leather) with precision.

You who is reading this, can take matters into your own hands too.  You can choose to extend your life’s experience to a newbie at work, or give your advice and counsel to a teenager who is fighting to understand why they were born.  You can be the pattern or help make the way for someone who is lost.  At Light & Salt Ministries many are the moments we forget the bigger picture, but more are the moments we are reminded of it.  Take a moment to meditate on your life today.  Are you being what you want to see in the world?  Are you living outside of yourself in any one aspect of your daily existence?  Remember that we are but temporary residents in this world; all of us have a special calling and purpose that on one else can fulfill.  Jeysson has found a place where he is appreciated, where he can excel and be all that God has called him to be.  Help someone, be THAT person today, and watch how the little we have to offer goes a long way.

DSC09387 In this morning’s class we did a fun exercise: we each tried to do 15 push ups, and the one who gave up crushed his Ritz cracker.  Its the same in life.  If you’ve tried and not achieved what you were hoping for, try again.  And if you’ve tried again to no avail, TRY AGAIN, and in the end your little will go a long ways!

“Entrust your work to the LORD, and your plans will succeed”.  Proverbs 16:13