Building a Fence & Land Dedication

Building a Fence & Land Dedication

In the summer of 2019, the LASM fundraising and volunteer team hosted a BBQ in Canada which raised a total of $4,601.75 towards the expansion, Phase 1. A music festival was held by our expansion committee to raise awareness where close to 500 people came out to hear of and support the project as well.

Here in Nicaragua, we continue to be in the process of having the land appraised in order to pay the required taxes. It has slowed us down in the paper work department. However, we are able to continue to move forward with the collection of funds and other pro expansion activities for the overall project. Since the land itself has been purchased, we are now onto the second half of Phase 1, which is the building of the fence and power shed.

LASM program beneficiaries and staff participated in a special prayer walk and land dedication on October 19th, 2019. Starting at our current rental building and walking down the street to our new location where land was bought in January of this year, we walked about one km and prayed as we went. Once we arrived on the land, there was song and a formal dedication of both the land and the building plans unto the Lord. We all wore red that day and each one showed their devotion to the project in a very moving and encouraging way.

The goal for phase 1 was $48,000. So far we have received $26,316.58 which has already been sent down to Nicaragua and was used to purchase the land. We currently have another $5,044.68 saved for this project, which, when added to the amount already spent gives a total amount of $31,361.26. 

At the beginning of November, a personal friend and ministry coach, pledged to give $1000 USD towards the fence (approximately $1300 CDN).  And, our Annual Dessert Night & Auction on Friday, November 22, 2019 at Charlie Lake Church was a huge success as well.  With your help we raised $10,512.49!!

That makes a total amount given so far of $43,173.75! We are within $4,826.25 of our goal for Phase 1.  By the Lord’s grace we expect to raise the rest of the money needed by the end of this year.