Board of Trustees

The Responsibility of Our Board of Trustees

The Light and Salt Ministries Board of Trustees are most importantly our friends and mentors. They are leaders who have been invested either for a very long time or at a very deep level in LASM. The primary function of the Board of Trustees is to work alongside Tara Germain, the Founder and Executive Director. They oversee and assist with major organizational decisions and the overall direction and strategy of our various programs in Nicaragua. The board provides fiscal accountability in everything from help with fundraising to budgeting and managing resources. Most importantly, the Board of Trustees believe deeply in the mission of LASM and and have been legally charged with the responsibility to govern this non-profit organization.

The LASM Board of Trustees

Tim Carter, Light and Salt Ministries Board of Trustees Chairperson, stands in front of some greenery in a blue shirt and black jeans, smiling.

Tim Carter; LASM Chairperson

Tim Carter is a Retired Logger & Control Room Operator and is a self described “jack of all trade’s”. He has lived near Fort St. John, B.C. Canada since 1981 and is a member of Charlie Lake Church. Tim is a ‘Steady Eddy’ as we like to refer to him and is consistent and concise in everything he does. The old phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’ describes him to a T and we appreciate this quality about him very much.  

As the Chairperson of the Board, Tim’s primary role is to lead and guide the rest of the board. Secondly, he serves as the direct liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director in Nicaragua. And, finally, he ensures the Board is adhering to governance guidelines.

Jim Friesen, LASM Board of Trustees Church Relations Coordinator, stands in front of some greenery in a blue checkered shirt smiling.

Jim Friesen; LASM Church Relations Coordinator

Jim prides himself on his former cabbage farming days and being the grandfather of 13 grandkids.  He discovered God in a deeper way through the illness and passing of his dear wife Glenda.  “You are not your own, you have been bought with a price” and, “Christ is your life” are two phrases we often hear him say.  Consequently, Jim loves to reach out to other widowers and share his experience and time with them as their hearts mend.  In January 2019 Jim experienced first hand the ministry in Nicaragua for a week.  He weighed rice, beans, and oil into the hands of the elderly, saw their thankful faces, and prayed with them.  You can peak into his ‘day job’ by visiting Dunvegan Gardens in person or online.

As the Church Relations Representative, Jim ensures that all the church partners contributing to LASM are regularly acknowledged and collaborative relationships are established and nurtured.

Patty Neuner, LASM Board of Trustees Secretary, stands in front of some greenery in a blue blouse smiling.

Patty Neuner; LASM Secretary 

Patty is a licensed administrator assistant, a real go getter, and an outside kinda gal!  She didn’t grow up in the Peace River Region but came up from the sunny Okanagan on a family “holiday” when she was about 11 years old.  She remembers experiencing snow in a tent, near Pink Mountain in August! Needless to say, she didn’t want to stick around and never believed she would be back.  but, God had other plans and life changed and she’s now celebrating more than 20+ years back in the north. In her spare time she loves to draw, and go walking with friends to stay active.

As the Secretary, Patty ensures that administrative issues are addressed at the board level and ensures that all documents pertinent to effectively managing the ministry are dealt with. Consequently, we keep Patty on her feet and she has turned out to be a paperwork extraordinaire!  We love her for her zeal and love for both God and unity. 

Victor Sanchez, LASM Treasurer, and his wife Heidi Sanchez, LASM Law and Culture Representative, stand with their two children in front of a Christmas tree smiling

Victor Sanchez; LASM Treasurer

Victor was born in Peru and arrived in Canada with his family five years ago.  He is a devoted Bible student, loves teaching God’s Word and is a proud father of three lovely daughters.  Victor is an engineer with a natural love and ability for numbers.  He is self-employed and owns Andes Consulting & Solutions. 

As the Treasurer, Victor’s function is to oversee the financial integrity of the ministry together with our bookkeeping services.  For example this includes accepting incoming donations, ensuring funds are in place in all accounts for payment of bills, keeping accurate records for all transactions, and providing reports as needed.

Heidi Sanchez; LASM Law and Culture Representative

Heidi was born and raised in Peru before moving with her husband and their little girls to Fort St. John, BC.  She worked as a lawyer for the Peruvian government for ten years before being called by God to be a full-time mom and take care of their two daughters.  As a dedicated mom she also homeschools their children and loves sharing every day with her beautiful family.  She has a soft and sweet spirit and is a Prayer Warrior at heart.

As the Culture Representative, Heidi’s primary role is to ensure that all cultural issues are addressed at the Board level ensuring proper management and understanding of inter-country work and relations pertinent to LASM.  For example she helps keep the team up-to-date with Spanish translations and inter-country movements and requirements. 

Our Newest Board of Trustees Member

Carollee Norris, Light and Salt Partner Care Specialist, sits in front of some greenery in a blue blouse with a black sweater smiling.

Carollee Norris; LASM Partner Care Specialist 

Carollee is a devoted follower of Jesus, and with that, she believes strongly in the power of prayer and praise! She is a worshiper through and through, and chooses every day to praise God no matter what the circumstance may be. Carollee has been involved with LASM from the beginning. She lived in Fort St. John, BC for decades before retiring from teaching a few years ago and moving to Vancouver Island. She loves being a Grandma closer to her grandkids and is a self-confessed ‘card-carrying math geek’ (having been a math educator for many years. You can see some of her work at

As the Partner Care Specialist, Carolee’s primary role is to assure that all partners supporting LASM are acknowledged and feel the gratitude we have in our hearts towards them by sending out thank you emails and welcome cards. Likewise, she ensures our partners know the effects of their contributions and personal LASM success stories along the way.  You will no doubt hear from her if you are new to supporting our work in Nicaragua or have been a faithful supporter for years. 

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