Board of Directors

These are our friends and mentors, the leaders who oversee LASM Nicaragua.
They work alongside and assist us with major decisions and management of donations.

Tim Carter

LASM Chairperson

Hi. I’m Tim Carter. I’ve lived in the Fort St. John area since 1981. I am a member of Charlie Lake Church. I’m retired, and a “jack of all trade’s”. I’m excited to be doing God’s will through LASM.

Tim Carter, Retired Logger & Control Room Operator

Jim Friesen

Church Relations Coordinator

I discovered God in a deeper way in the illness and passing of my dear wife Glenda.  Realizing, ‘you are not your own, you have been bought with a price’, and ‘Christ is your life’. 

I see Tara’s zeal and vision as she leads LASM.  I was embedded in the mission in Nicaragua for a week in January 2019.  Helped weigh portions of rice, beans and oil for the elderly that came, saw thankful faces, and also prayed with them.

Played soccer with the boys.  A funny fact….. 3 captains choosing 3 teams for the match.  I was 2nd to the last of the players chosen.  Also a fact worth mentioning (with pride), I am a grandpa of 13 grandchildren.  Also, ask me about my title sometime.

Jim Friesen, Cabbage Farmer.

Patty Neuner 

LASM Secretary  

Licensed Administrator Assistant An outside kinda gal!   Hello! I didn’t grow up in the Peace Region. Originally came up from the sunny Okanagan when I was about 11 or so  with my family on a “holiday”,  to experience snow in Pink Mountain, in a tent, in August.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to stick around long and didn’t think I’d be back. BUT, God had other plans and brought my family north.  Life has changed, but through it all God has been truly faithful and has blessed me.  Kids are grown and moved, and I’m celebrating 23 years! God is good!   I trust  that God has led me to Light & Salt Ministries. I look forward to being apart of this team and I am super excited about  the adventures that He has planned!    Fun fact. In my spare time I like to draw. I also love walking with friends to stay active. Patty

Victor Sanchez

LASM Treasurer

I was born in Peru and arrived with my family 5 years ago to Canada following the doors that God opened for our lives.  We are more than excited and blessed to be part of Light and Salt Ministries and to see what God has prepared for those we serve.

Heidi Sanchez

Law and Culture Representative

I was born in Peru and moved with my husband and our little girls to Fort St John almost 4 years ago.  This city has become our second home! I worked as a lawyer for the Peruvian government for 10 years before being called by God to be a full-time mom and take care of our two daughters. As a mom, I’ve homeschooled for 3 years now and I share and enjoy every day beside my beautiful family. I understand knowing Tara and being called to serve as a part of the Light and Salt Ministries team as a direct call from God.  It is an honor and a joy. Now we begin this new expectant time of what God will continue to do in the ministry and in our lives.

Carollee Norris 

Partner Care Specialist

I am a follower of Jesus, and with that, I believe strongly in the power of prayer and in the power of  praise! I am a worshiper and I choose every day to praise God no matter what the circumstances may be. I have been involved in LASM since its beginning, but presently have the privilege of serving on the Board. I lived in northern BC for decades, but am now retired and living on Vancouver Island where I love being a grandma! I am also a card-carrying math geek (having been a math educator for many years).