Adventures in Missions

Q: What advice would you give a future LASM volunteer? : 

Pour your heart into the people and children of Light & Salt Ministries because they have so much to offer and teach. Love them, Pour into them, And serve them because they will do the same back to you. When I first arrived here I had a hard time with the language barrier that I let hold me hack, but I quickly learned that I didn’t have to speak the same language as them to laugh with them and to love them. Let the kids cover you in stickers, play 100 games of uno with them, try to speak Spanish with the staff and kids even if you have no idea what’s being said, sit in on a sewing class or two, pray with the people of Mercy in Action, and just love on every single person you come in contact with because they will change you in ways you never expected. 

Q: Tell us about your time here: 

The 3 weeks I spent working with Light & Salt Ministry was more than I could have asked for. The staff, the kids, and everyone else involved with the ministry went above and beyond what I expected; these people did nothing but pour into us. Every single person welcomed us with wide open arms and loved us unconditionally. While with Light & Salt, there was not a single moment that I didn’t feel like this was where the Lord called me to be. The Lord was everywhere. He was in the smiles of the kids. He was in the passion of the teachers. He was in the hands of Reyna. He was in the motivation of the women sewing. Christ was and is at the center of every single thing they do. In 10 years when I look back on my time here with Light & Salt, I will look back on a time when my heart was changed.  —-Mackenzie Dunbar