A Note from the Directors – the Beginning.

To all of you who have followed us from near and far, for a long time or a short time, whether friends or family or foe: we want to thank you for happening upon our page, or looking us up with intent. God has a plan and purpose for your life, just as He does for ours and the people we serve. God does BIG things with little people, just so long as we know we depend on Him. While you are here, please take a moment to read our stories and testimonies. You will find us telling of good times and bad times in our writings, but in the end, you will find hope.

You see, it’s not about the moment, or the individual tree to put it that way; it is about the forest and our maneuvering in and through it to make our way to the end. There are ways of doing that that are honoring to God and there is, of course, the opposite of such as well.

Brothers, sisters, little ones and big ones, we are all in this together. And just as my husband Alex and I are proud to administer all God has given us here at Light & Salt Ministries, we are proud to call you partners.

As in the days of Jesus, there are many people as sheep without a shepherd, broken hearted and in need of spiritual guidance and care. Please continue to find your way in being a part of the solution, as we do the same.

Pray for the people of Nicaragua with us, and may God carry us all in the palm of His hand.

Sincerely, and in His love,

Alex and Tara (Germain) Casco


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